Artikkelnr.: MTP740CM-LW

Håndholdt mikrofon til bruk for vokal, live eller i studio.

PrisNOK4 995,00 inkl. mva.
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With the dynamic performance microphone MTP 840 DM, LEWITT puts true studio performance onstage. Universally usable thanks to switchable sensitivity and a multi-step high-pass filter, infinitely durable and optimally equipped for punishing touring conditions without compromising on sound - this is what the MTP 840 DM stands for.
Excellent transient response, refined electronics and superior capsule design make the MTP 840 DM a unique tool for onstage use. Innovative circuitry design and the highest-quality components make for exceptionally low self-noise and a maximum of dynamic range when in active mode; the frequency curve, which is specially tailored for vocal recordings, provides the ultimate in sound quality.
Numerous useful features make the MTP 840 DM incomparably versatile onstage and in the studio. A three-step high-pass filter directly influences the proximity effect, allowing adaptation of the mic to an individual artist’s requirements. The built-in three-position switchable amplifier, is specially adapted to the MTP 840’s components, allowing lossless recording of even far-off sources. The LEDs on the MTP 840 DM, which can be turned off, make checking the mic’s numerous settings a direct and easy matter even in the dark.
The new dynamic flagship MTP 840 DM transports the artist’s voice in a natural and powerful way, lending his or her voice the necessary presence without falsifying its individual character. Consistent directionality across the entire frequency spectrum makes for maximum protection against feedback, with the flexibly suspended capsule reducing structure-borne noise to a minimum.
Acoustical operating principle  Dynamic, moving coil
Directional pattern  Super-cardioid
Frequency range  40 to 18.000 Hz
3,5 mV / Pa (-49 dBV), passive mode
7 mV / Pa (-43 dBV), active mode
14 mV / Pa (-37 dBV), active mode
Signal / noise ratio 75 dB-A
Equivalent noise level 19 dB-A, Super-cardioid (IEC 61672-1)
Dynamic range, passive mode 135 dB-A
Dynamic range, active mode 121 dB-A,0 dB gain, 115 dB-A,6 dB gain, 109 dB-A,12 dB gain
Max. SPL for 0,5 % THD, active mode 
140 dB, 0 dB gain
134 dB, 6 dB gain
128 dB, 12 dB gain
Gain settings, active mode  0 dB, 6 dB, 12 dB, switchable
Bass cut filter slope 
12 dB / octave at 150 Hz
12 dB / octave at 250 Hz
Rated impedance  < 600 ohms
Rated load impedance  > 1.000 ohms
Supply voltage  48 V +/- 4 V (IEC 61938)
Current consumption  5,5 mA (IEC 61938)
Connector  Gold plated 3-pin XLR
Dimensions  51 dia. x 183 mm, 2 dia. x 7,2 inch
Net weight 336 g, 11.85 oz

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